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This unique object was designed and made in the atelier of the master craftsman, Georges Lenfant. Its conception inspired by ‘The Pyramid de Louvre,’ the pyramid entrance to the Louvre Museum. 

The lid is made from a mosaic of mother of pearl panels, configured to close onto a gold frame forming a box with the lower half following this same pattern. 

Mounted to this lid are three tetrahedron pyramids:

The smallest triangular pyramid is formed from solid lapis lazuli, which is fixed to overhang slightly to the front of the lid as a grip to access the interior of the box.

Abutting and adjacent to the lapis pyramid is a gold and rock crystal pyramid fixed to the lid on its edge. The pyramid is overlayed with gold on two sides giving access to a window view through the rock crystal, on its two uncovered sides.

The largest of the three pyramids is an opening box made from gold its lid decorated with a triangular motif of mother of pearl, lapis lazuli and pave set diamonds. The catch for the container and the hinge to the lid are ‘hidden’.

Product Details

  • Mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, diamonds
  • 18ct gold